A Beautiful Answer

In my previous post, I lamented that it seems as if no one in the corporate world is questioning the all-out pursuit of profits. The question that anguished my soul was, “Profits! Fine. But, to what end?” Today I read the story of a self-identified capitalist CEO who did ask that question of himself, and came up with the most compassionate and gracious answer a bleeding heart liberal like I could ever wish for. If this was the way capitalism was practiced by everyone, I would sign-up to carry a card.

I am embedding the link to the story in this post, rather than summarizing the details, because I think it is such a profoundly significant example of justice in economic practice, that I would love for it to be as widely read as possible. In fact, I think it should be required reading for anyone establishing a business, renewing a business license, even founding a church or becoming a pastor! However, my technological skills being slightly above that of “cave-dweller,” in case it doesn’t work, Bing (I’m a hometown boy; Google if you must) Dan Price, CEO of Gravity, New York Times. My thanks to Jeff Keuss, a professor at Seattle Pacific University, for posting this story on Facebook. Mr. Price is an alumnus of SPU, which to me seems far more causal than coincidental.

Sharing the story of Dan Price’s counter-cultural act, fulfills the main purpose for which I took up writing “Hints & Guesses” in the first place. His act of compassion, grace and sacrifice reveals, at least to me, the life that God calls us to and offers us in the Easter life of Christ, here and now. For me, it hints of the Kingdom of God in the kingdom of this world.

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