Book – “Abide In Me”

The scriptures of the Christian faith speak of a life qualitatively different from that which we see portrayed on videos, movie screens and the pages of magazines. The Scriptures proclaim that we can experience “eternal life,” the very “life of God,” here and now. Most of us long for such a life. At the same time, we have discovered that experiencing this life of God is not simply a matter of following seven specific steps or nine important principles. In this book, Rev. Douglas J. Early reminds us that the way to the fullness of life that God offers us has little to do with our own striving and far more to do with receiving what is already at hand. Using wisdom found in the First Letter of John, Abide In Me serves as a guide to experiencing a life of joy, purpose and love. Readers are invited to explore the breadth and depth of the life that comes from abiding in the presence of Christ and attending to the Spirit of Christ abiding in each of us. For anyone wanting more in life but tired of working hard and getting nowhere, this book offers hope of experiencing the life of God in Christ, here and now.

This book can be purchased in paperback form from Queen Anne Book Company, or in paperback or ebook versions through the publisher, Wipf & Stock or Amazon.



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