Here We Go…or, at least, Here I Go.

I have a bit of a quirky job. One of the things I get paid to do is ruminate. I read, study, pray, contemplate, meditate, procrastinate. Ooops, that last one just kind of slipped out. Beware unattended alliteration.

The goal of all of this rumination is to somehow find a connection, a bridge, between the dust and dirt of the ancient scriptures, and the damp earth and glass towers of present-day Seattle. I will readily admit that it’s a good gig. I love the challenge and the whole process from study to sermon.

One of the only frustrations I have, though, is that I ALWAYS discover, or am reminded of, way more good stuff than I could, or should, ever share in one sermon. By Monday, I’ve moved on and all that good stuff gets left behind also.

And so, “Hints & Guesses”. I am starting this blog that I might share some of those good things – ideas, authors, images, etc. – with anyone and everyone who cares to look in now and again. I make no claims of brilliance on my own part. However, I am often pretty good at spotting it in others. So, I will look to share only those things that might catch your breath, cause you to pause, maybe see the world a little differently going forward.

I won’t restrict myself to the dirt and the dust of the ancient scriptures. I plan as well to share the good stuff I gleen from the damp earth and glass towers of present-day Seattle. One day maybe it will be a posting about the source of Solomon’s wisdom; on another day, it might be a line of great wisdom from a Fleet Foxes song.

I should also beware of false advertising. I doubt I will be posting one “day” then the next; as might be inferred from the above paragraph. Realistically, I’m shooting for at least one post each week. I would love to think that I will really start rolling and be one of those bloggers who starts writing about a great idea / thought even before they’ve had one. But, likely not. In addition, no one may be interested in my “hints & guesses” at all. Well, if such is the case, at least I’ll have a written record of some of the good stuff I have come across and be able to find it easier.


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  1. Awesome. Can't wait!

  2. Very cool idea! We don’t live nearby QAP, and I’ve always enjoyed your sermons and thoughts. We just haven’t made it to your church in awhile. So this blog is a treat!


    PS. I was checking out QAP’s website today since we just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary…A wedding you officiated :-). Can’t believe it’s been that long!

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